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VHS0004843 PQ 4315.2 C5 1982 The inferno Alighieri, Dante UPV High School (Iloilo City)
Th-ILO-007 Th H89 Gonad rematuration and reproductive cycle of the mud clam, Anodontia edentula (Linne' 1758) in Guimaras, Central Philippines Huyo, Milessa P UPV Graduate Library (Iloilo City)
Th-ILO-006 Th A98 Evaluation of the antimicrobial activity of Lyngbya majuscula Gomont crude mathanolic extract against aquaculture pathogens Ayukil, Leopoldo G UPV Graduate Library (Iloilo City)
Th-ILO-005 Th S262 The floristics and community structure of mangroves in Antique Province, Panay Island, Philippines Sansait, May M UPV Graduate Library (Iloilo City)
TG-000012i LG 995 2019 F5 G65 Influence of dietary protein levels and meal allocation on the biological performance of saline-tolerant tilapia (O. mossambicus x O. niloticus) hybrid Golingay, Cezarie Lagutin UPV Graduate Library (Iloilo City)
TG-000011i LG 995 2018 M8 C37 Musical sensitivity, creativity, and sociability in the play and dance movement of Ilonggo children : music education possibilities Cartagena, Hermie F UPV Graduate Library (Iloilo City)
TG-000008i Th A45 Reproductive biology of the Bali sardine, Sardinella lemuru (Bleeker, 1853) (Clupeidae) in the Zamboanga upwelling system Almaquer, Charmy June L UPV Graduate Library (Iloilo City)
ST-000100ug LG 993.5 2005 F6 D67 The effect of antioxidant on the shelf life of sinakol Dorado, Lourilyn Padilla UPV SOTECH (Miagao)
ST-0000379ug LG 993.5 2016 F6 N33 Fortification of wheat biscuits with vitamin C and phosphorus from ampalaya (Momordica charantia Linn) powder. Naciongayo, Danielle Mendoza UPV CFOS Library (Miagao)
ST-0000368ug LG 993.5 2017 F6 P39 Assessment of selected physical, chemical, and sensory characteristics of muscovado produced in Antique. Payofelin, Frances Joan Chavez. UPV CFOS Library (Miagao)
ST-0000366ug LG 993.5 2017 F6 N37 Formulation and characterization of noodles from black rice (Oryza sativa) flour. Naquita, Olive Grace Baldemor. UPV CFOS Library (Miagao)
ST-0000357ug LG 993.5 2017 F6 P35 Development and characterization of banana (Musa acuminata) pseudostem juice. Palabrica, Florey Anne M. UPV CFOS Library (Miagao)
ST-0000345ug LG 993.5 2017 F6 M57 Characterization of betalains extracted from Bougainvillea (Bougainvillea spectabilis) as natural colorant for red calamansi juice. Miramon, Janreich F. UPV CFOS Library (Miagao)
ST-0000343ug LG 993.5 2016 F6 N36 Development and characterization of dried shrimp (Acetes sp.) as kalkag mix for sinangag. Nanas, Nima Sherine Antolo. UPV CFOS Library (Miagao)
ST-0000339ug LG 993.5 2016 F6 P35 Effect of time-temperature treatments on the antioxidant activity of blue ternatea (Clitoria ternatea). Palacio, Niambee Ruth A. UPV CFOS Library (Miagao)
ST-0000327ug LG 993.5 2016 F6 N33 Quality assessment of service water used in food establishments in Miagao, Iloilo Nacorda, Gwen Guiritan UPV SOTECH (Miagao)
ST-0000318ug LG 993.5 2015 F6 P45 Improvement of nutritional content of crackers using powdered malunggay (Moringo Oleifera) leaves. Pelingon, Daisybelle Galve. UPV CFOS Library (Miagao)
ST-0000317ug LG 993.5 2015 F6 M38 Development of juice from purple sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas L.) and calamansi (Citrus madurencis). Mate, Loche Ramos. UPV CFOS Library (Miagao)
ST-0000309ug LG 993.5 2014 F6 O65 Fermentation as pretreatment on the dehydration of Jute (Corchorus olitorius) leaves. Opiņa, Natalie Diane Carbajal. UPV CFOS Library (Miagao)
ST-0000304ug LG 993.5 2014 F6 O76 Effects of thawing on the quality of frozen chicken breast meat. Ormeo, Joerex Grant A. UPV CFOS Library (Miagao)
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