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ILO-000988g HB 171.5 H35 2005 Economics : principles and applications Hall, Robert E UPV Graduate Library (Iloilo City)
ILO-000990g PE 1417 C86 2006 The curious reader : exploring personal and academic inquiry UPV Graduate Library (Iloilo City)
ILO-000992g QA 37.2 H29 2007 Mathematical applications for the management, life, and social sciences Harshbarger, ronald J UPV Graduate Library (Iloilo City)
ILO-000994g GN 25 A58 2005 Anthropology : the human challenge UPV Graduate Library (Iloilo City)
IMFO-0001 QL 767 P67 1959 Animal camouflage Portmann, Adolf. IMFO Library (Miagao)
IMFO-0002 QL 362 R8 1968 A biology of lower invertebrates W. D. Hunter-Russel Hunter-Russel W. D. IMFO Library (Miagao)
IMFO-0003 QL 362 R8 1969 A biology of higher invertebrates W. D. Hunter-Russel. Hunter-Russel W. D. IMFO Library (Miagao)
RP-000043i RP I57 Inputs to the local shelter plan of the municipality of Batad, Iloilo UPV Graduate Library (Iloilo City)
Fis-001127ug LG 993.5 2018 F5 B37 Occurrence of gonadal intersex in female telescope snail (Telescopium telescopium) exposed to three Brestan C Concentrations Barnuevo, Kyle Dominic E. UPV CFOS Library (Miagao)
Fis-001142ug LG 993.5 2018 F5 D43 Qualitative phytochemical analysis and comparative bioefficacy assessment of the creeping chain weed (Catenella caespitosa) extracts for In vitro evaluation of antibacterial activity Deallo, Apple Gray P. UPV CFOS Library (Miagao)
RP-ILO-026 RP C67 Corporate social responsibility and food donation : the case of food companies in Iloilo City UPV Graduate Library (Iloilo City)
IMFO-0393 PE 1628 L58 1987 Longman dictionary of contemporary English IMFO Library (Miagao)
ILO-001144 GV 713 I58 2012 International sport management UPV Library, Iloilo City
ILO-001145 GV 951.85 M33 2012 Football coach's guide to organizing special teams McCord, Paul UPV Library, Iloilo City
ILO-001476g PS 42 R38 2010 Street lit : teaching and reading fiction in urban schools Ratner, Andrew UPV Library, Iloilo City
ILO-001149 QP 301 W45 2006 Dynatomy : dynamic human anatomy Whiting, William C UPV Graduate Library (Iloilo City)
ILO-001148 GV 341 T65 2011 Secrets to success in sport & play : a practical guide to skill development Torbert, Marianne UPV Library, Iloilo City
ILO-001147 GV 714 S76 2012 Sport public relations : managing stakeholder communication Stoldt, G Clayton UPV Library, Iloilo City
ILO-001140 QA 135.6 C43 2012 Experiences in math for young children Charlesworth, Rosalind UPV Graduate Library (Iloilo City)
ILO-001141 QM 151 D45 2011 The strength training anatomy workout Delavier, Frederic UPV Library, Iloilo City
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