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ILO-001072g CC 165 C66 2009 The Complete practical encyclopedia of archaeology : the key sites, who discovered them, and how to become an archaeologist. UPV Library, Iloilo City
ILO-001071g BL 310 C68 2009 The ultimate encyclopedia of mythology : a comprehensive A to Z of the classic stories of gods and goddesses, heroes and mythical beasts, wizards and warriors Cotterell, Arthur UPV Library, Iloilo City
ILO-001064g QP 34.5 P49 2007 Physiology : all you need to know about how your body works UPV Graduate Library (Iloilo City)
ILO-001065g HF 5415 L35 2006 Essentials of marketing Lamb, Charles W UPV Library, Iloilo City
ILO-001068g QP 34.5 A85 2009 Atlas of human physiology. UPV Library, Iloilo City
ILO-001070g ND 653 V4 W44 2008 Vermeer : the complete works Wheelock, Arthur K UPV Library, Iloilo City
ILO-001067g QM 25 A27 2009 The atlas of the human body Abrahams, Peter UPV Library, Iloilo City
ILO-001069g N 6487 P45 P45 2000 Twentieth century painting and sculpture in the Philadelphia Museum of Art UPV Library, Iloilo City
ILO-001075g N 6487 P45 P45 2000 Twentieth century painting and sculpture in the Philadelphia Museum of Art UPV Library, Iloilo City
ILO-001066g AG 243 E87 2006 Exploring the unexplained : the world's greatest marvels, mysteries and myths UPV Library, Iloilo City
ILO-001004 HQ 1236.5 P6 R48 2002 Review of women's studies - Special issue : gender and governance UPV Library, Iloilo City
ILO-001145g HJ 2351.7 T39 2010 Taxation and gender equity : a comparative analysis of direct and indirect taxes in developing and developed countries UPV Graduate Library (Iloilo City)
ILo-001005 HD 6077.2 P6 D86 2007 Negotiating from the margins : dynamics of women's work in a globalized agricultural economy Dungo, Nanette Garcia UPV Library, Iloilo City
ILO-001091g HF 5548.32 S26 2007 Electronic commerce Schneider, Gary P UPV Library, Iloilo City
SP-ILO-044 SP H36 A readability analysis of the JBLFMU's worktext in communication skills I Hampac, Shirley G UPV Graduate Library (Iloilo City)
ILO-001022 HV 5840 L67 Drug abuse, crime and home Lorenzo, Harry C UPV Library, Iloilo City
ILO-001082g KF 889 M55 2005 The legal and e-commerce environment today : business in its ethical, regulatory, and international setting Miller, Roger Le Roy UPV Library, Iloilo City
ILO-001078g RC 660 A53 2005 The art of empowerment : stories and strategies for diabetes educators Anderson, Bob UPV Library, Iloilo City
ILO-001077g HD 87 S23 2008 Common wealth : economics for a crowded planet Sachs, Jeffrey D UPV Library, Iloilo City
ILO-001076g QC 15 C67 2001 Great physicist : the life and times of leading physicists from Galileo to Hawking Cropper, William H UPV Library, Iloilo City
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