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ILO-001044g QP 44 L88 2008 Laboratory exercises in human physiology : a clinical and experimental approach Lutterschmidt, William I UPV Graduate Library (Iloilo City)
ILO-001095g PR 2808 A2 B45 2006 Julius Caesar Shakespeare, William UPV Library, Iloilo City
ILO-001039g QM 25 L33 2007 Laboratory atlas of anatomy and physiology UPV Graduate Library (Iloilo City)
ILO-001029g HG 179 K37 2005 Glencoe personal finance Kapoor, Jack R UPV Library, Iloilo City
ILO-001025g P 95 H9 2007 Communicating effectively Hybels, Saundra UPV Graduate Library (Iloilo City)
ILO-001027g LC 191.4 T69 2006 School and society : historical and contemporary perspectives Tozer, Steven E UPV Graduate Library (Iloilo City)
ILO-001028g PN 4121 B777 2006 Between one and many : the art and science of public speaking Brydon, Steven R UPV Library, Iloilo City
ILO-001030g HB 172.5 S35 2006 The macro-economy today Schiller, Bradley R UPV Graduate Library (Iloilo City)
ILO-001022g HB 172 M33 2008 Microeconomics : principles, problems, and policies McConnell, Campbell R UPV Graduate Library (Iloilo City)
ILO-001019g BF 76.5 S63 2008 Research methods in psychology : ideas, techniques, and reports Spatz, Chris UPV Graduate Library (Iloilo City)
ILO-001017g HG 173 M574 2008 Understanding the economics of money, banking and financial markets Mishkin, Frederic S UPV Library, Iloilo City
ILO-001032g HM 585 P73 2006 The practical skeptic : reading in sociology UPV Graduate Library (Iloilo City)
ILO-001033g E 184 A1 R45 2007 Rethinking the color line : readings in race and ethnicity UPV Library, Iloilo City
ILO-001034g PE 1417 M773 2006 The McGraw-Hill reader : issues across the disciplines UPV Library, Iloilo City
ILO-001035g T 60.8 N54 2003 Methods, standards, and work design Niebel, Benjamin W UPV Library, Iloilo City
ILO-001036g LC 2581 S77 2008 Life skills for the student-athlete Street, Scott UPV Graduate Library (Iloilo City)
ILO-001050g JZ 1242 G64 2010 International relations Goldstein, Joshua S UPV Library, Iloilo City
ILO-001051g JX 1391 R58 2008 IR : the new world of international relations Roskin, Michael G UPV Library, Iloilo City
ILO-001052g HG 4910 M84 2006 Harvesting profits on wall street : essays in investing Muhlenkamp, Ron UPV Library, Iloilo City
ILO-001054g DT 159.6 D27 C44 2007 Not on our watch : the mission to end genocide in Darfur and beyond Cheadle, Don UPV Library, Iloilo City
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