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I-345p BP172 T36 1995 Islam in the Philippines Tan, Samuel K. CAS Ref./Serials Section
I-58800 TR145. /H53 2000 Quality in photography : how to take process and print excellent photographs Hicks, Roger CAS Ref./Serials Section
I-59081 RA 1151 /H245 2011 Handbook of forensic assessment : psychological and psychiatric perspectives CAS Ref./Serials Section
IMFO-b QH91 /.C37 2000 Marine biology Castro, Peter. IMFO Library (Miagao)
IMFO-0271 Q115 B47 1976 The fishes of the family Notosudidae Report No. 86 Bertelsen, Erik, 1912- IMFO Library (Miagao)
IMFO-0562 QL121 .R88 The eggs and planktonic stages of British marine fishes Russell, F.S. IMFO Library (Miagao)
IMFO-0341 QL 1 B56 1977 The biology of cephalopods : The proceedings of a symposium held at The Zoological Society of London on 10 and 11 April 1975 IMFO Library (Miagao)
IMFO-0194 SH 171 D74 1972 Diseases of fish ; papers by Lionel E. Mawdesley-Thomas, Kenneth Wayne Burris, Joseph L. Knuckles...(et. al). IMFO Library (Miagao)
IMFO-0527 QH 98 H82 1967 A treatise on limnology vol. 2 : limnological botany Hutchinson, Evelyn G. IMFO Library (Miagao)
IMFO-0168 QH 91.8 M34 1979 Marine production mechanisms IMFO Library (Miagao)
IMFO-0175 QH541.5 /S3 K5 1977 Marine ecology : a comprehensive, integrated treatise on life in oceans and coastal waters : vol.III cultivation part 3 IMFO Library (Miagao)
IMFO-0039 QR105 /.R49 1974 Aquatic microbiology Rheinheimer, G. IMFO Library (Miagao)
IMFO-0406 QA 447 M357 1983 The fractal geometry of nature Mandelbrot, Benoit B. IMFO Library (Miagao)
IMFO-0616 QL638 S95 1962 Symposium on Scombroid Fishes held at Mandapam Camp India January 12-15, 1962. IMFO Library (Miagao)
IMFO-0001 QL 767 P67 1959 Animal camouflage Portmann, Adolf. IMFO Library (Miagao)
IMFO-0002 QL 362 R8 1968 A biology of lower invertebrates W. D. Hunter-Russel Hunter-Russel W. D. IMFO Library (Miagao)
IMFO-0003 QL 362 R8 1969 A biology of higher invertebrates W. D. Hunter-Russel. Hunter-Russel W. D. IMFO Library (Miagao)
IMFO-0393 PE 1628 L58 1987 Longman dictionary of contemporary English IMFO Library (Miagao)
IMFO-c HA 31.3 K47 1973 Multiple regression in behavioral research Kerlinger, Fred N. IMFO Library (Miagao)
IMFO-0044 QH 352 H43 1984 Population biology : the evolutionand ecology of populations Hedrick, Philip W. IMFO Library (Miagao)
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