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Fis-000003sp LG 993.5 2018 F5 J37 Influence of dietary probiotic (Pediococcus acidilactici) on growth performance and gut health of juvenile asian seabass (Lates calcarifer) Japitana, Febb Ellen Lou Espera UPV CFOS Library (Miagao)
Fis-000037d LG 996 2018 F5 A34 Nutritional strategies to increase efficiency of musculinization, growth performance and feed utilization of the African catfish Clarias gariepinus Adenigba, Issa Ayankunle UPV CFOS Library (Miagao)
FIS-000081g SF 400 I68 E56 1998 Genetic improvement of farmed tilapias (gift) project: final report (Phase I-UNDP Project #INT/88/019 and INT 91/005; Phase II UNDP Project # GLO/90/016 March 1988 to December 1997 Eknath, Ambekar E. and Belen O. Acosta UPV CFOS Library (Miagao)
FIS-000082g QH 541.5 A78 G66 2002 Aquatic ecosystems Gonzales, Gaudiosa A. UPV CFOS Library (Miagao)
FIS-000083g HT 391 T83 2003 Proceedings of the 1st regional workshop on enhancing coastal resources: artificial reefs, stationary fishing gear design and construction and marine protected areas 30 Sept - 3 Oct 2003, Thailand. Training Department (TD) SEAFDEC. UPV CFOS Library (Miagao)
FIS-000084g SH344 M9 F58 2006 Inland fishing gear and methods in Southeast Asia: Myanmar UPV CFOS Library (Miagao)
FIS-000085g SH 135 C36 2004 Capture-based aquaculture: the fatteningof eels, groupers, tunas and yellowtails. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. UPV CFOS Library (Miagao)
FIS-000086g QL615 F57 2000 FishBase 2000: Concepts, design and data sources. UPV CFOS Library (Miagao)
FIS-000087g SH 107 N37 1987 Brackish water aquaculture development in India: status and task ahead. Srivastava, U.K., Dholakia, B.H., and Vathsala, S., edited by. UPV CFOS Library (Miagao)
FIS-000089g SH 299 N384 1984 Strategy for development of inland fishery resources in India Srivastava, U. K. and Vathsala S., edited by. UPV CFOS Library (Miagao)
FIS-000091g SH 171 W39 2005 The way forward: building capacity to combat impacts of aquatic invasive alien species associated trans-boundary pathogens in ASEAN countries Department of Fisheries Malaysia UPV CFOS Library (Miagao)
FIS-000093g SH 167 B48 2011 Better Science, better fish, better life : proceedings of the ninth international symposium on tilapia in aquaculture Liping, Liu and Fitzsimmons, Kevin, editors. UPV CFOS Library (Miagao)
FIS-000095g SH 344.8 S43 2005 Introduction of set-net fishing to develop the sustainable coastal fisheries management in Southeast Asia : case study in Thailand 2003-2005. Training Development SEAFDEC UPV CFOS Library (Miagao)
FIS-000096g SH 299 P35 2001 Sustainable Indian fisheries Pandian, T.J. UPV CFOS Library (Miagao)
FIS-000098g TP995 /.A2 W38 1992 Waste management in the coastal areas of the Asean Region : roles of governments, banking institutions, donor agencia, private sector and communities UPV CFOS Library (Miagao)
FIS-000099g SH 179 B76 1994 A guide to the common problems and diseases of cultured Penaeus vannamei Brock, James A. and Kevan L. Main UPV CFOS Library (Miagao)
FIS-000100g QH193 M28 1997 Malacca Straits environmental profile UPV CFOS Library (Miagao)
FIS-000101g G70.4 R44 2000 Remote sensing handbook for Tropical Coastal Management UPV CFOS Library (Miagao)
Fis-000102g SH 213 F66 2002 New approaches for the improvement of inland capture fishery statistics in the Mekong Basin: adhoc expert consultation Charoen Sri Grand Royal Hotel Udon Thani, Thailand 2 to 5 September 2002 Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Mekong River Commission UPV CFOS Library (Miagao)
Fis-000103f QL 634 P5 C66 2017 Commercial and bycatch market fishes of Panay Island, Republic of the Philippines UPV CFOS Library (Miagao)
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