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ILO-001049 TK 6570 I34 M38 2010 Thin air : how wireless technology supports lean initiatives Maurno, Dann Anthony UPV Library, Iloilo City
ILO-001048 HF 5415.32 L38 2011 Business analytics for sales and marketing managers : how to compete in the information age Laursen, Gert H. N. UPV Library, Iloilo City
ILO-001047 HA 40 E3 K45 2012 Managerial statistics Keller, Gerald UPV Library, Iloilo City
ILO-001046 HF 5415.3 K293 2011 Consumer behavior : science and practice Kardes, Frank R UPV Library, Iloilo City
ILO-001044 HG 4521 G58 2011 Fundamentals of investing Gitman, Lawrence J UPV Library, Iloilo City
ILO-001043 HD 30.28 D377 2011 Strategic management : concepts David, Fred R UPV Library, Iloilo City
ILO-001042 HG 4910 C64 2011 Regulation of securities, markets, and transacions : a guide to the new environment Collins, Patrick S UPV Library, Iloilo City
ILO-001041 TS 155 C33 2013 Matching supply with demand : an introduction to operations management Cachon, Gerard UPV Library, Iloilo City
IMFO-0616 QL638 S95 1962 Symposium on Scombroid Fishes held at Mandapam Camp India January 12-15, 1962. IMFO Library (Miagao)
I-59060 LB1028.5 J68 W47 2009 Using wikis for online collaboration : the power of the read-write Web West, James A. UPV Main Library (Miagao)
ILO-001197 QA 303.2 H84 2012 Precalculus demystified Huettenmueller, Rhonda UPV Graduate Library (Iloilo City)
Fis-002920g HD 2088 S87 2001 Strategies for agriculture development in the new millenium : UPV CFOS Library (Miagao)
I-59089 P118 .S38 2010 Child language : acquisition and development Saxton, Matthew. UPV Main Library (Miagao)
FIS-00337g QL639.1 /.F57 1997 Fish physiology and biochemistry vol. 17: proceedings of the third international symposium of fish endocrinology UPV CFOS Library (Miagao)
ILO-001378g HD 9720.5 M39 2013 Manufacturing enterprise in Asia : size structure and economic growth Mazumdar, Dipak UPV Library, Iloilo City
ILO-001377g S 934 A354 C66 2012 Conservation and sustainable development : linking practice and policy in Eastern Africa UPV Library, Iloilo City
ILO-001376g HN 49 C6 D63 2011 Changing minds : a guide to facilitated participatory planning Dodge, Cole P UPV Library, Iloilo City
ILO-001374g HV 603 S785 S77 2011 Strengthening resilience in post-disaster situations : stories, experience and lessons from South Asia UPV Graduate Library (Iloilo City)
ILO-001373g HC 435.3 J43 2012 India emerging : the reality checks Jha, Veena UPV Library, Iloilo City
ILO-001372g H 62.5 U5 R36 2013 Utilization focused evaluation : a primer for evaluators Ramirez, Ricardo UPV Library, Iloilo City
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