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FIS-000081g SF 400 I68 E56 1998 Genetic improvement of farmed tilapias (gift) project: final report (Phase I-UNDP Project #INT/88/019 and INT 91/005; Phase II UNDP Project # GLO/90/016 March 1988 to December 1997 Eknath, Ambekar E. and Belen O. Acosta UPV CFOS Library (Miagao)
FIS-000082g QH 541.5 A78 G66 2002 Aquatic ecosystems Gonzales, Gaudiosa A. UPV CFOS Library (Miagao)
FIS-000083g HT 391 T83 2003 Proceedings of the 1st regional workshop on enhancing coastal resources: artificial reefs, stationary fishing gear design and construction and marine protected areas 30 Sept - 3 Oct 2003, Thailand. Training Department (TD) SEAFDEC. UPV CFOS Library (Miagao)
FIS-000084g SH344 M9 F58 2006 Inland fishing gear and methods in Southeast Asia: Myanmar UPV CFOS Library (Miagao)
FIS-000085g SH 135 C36 2004 Capture-based aquaculture: the fatteningof eels, groupers, tunas and yellowtails. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. UPV CFOS Library (Miagao)
FIS-000086g QL615 F57 2000 FishBase 2000: Concepts, design and data sources. UPV CFOS Library (Miagao)
FIS-000087g SH 107 N37 1987 Brackish water aquaculture development in India: status and task ahead. Srivastava, U.K., Dholakia, B.H., and Vathsala, S., edited by. UPV CFOS Library (Miagao)
FIS-000089g SH 299 N384 1984 Strategy for development of inland fishery resources in India Srivastava, U. K. and Vathsala S., edited by. UPV CFOS Library (Miagao)
FIS-000091g SH 171 W39 2005 The way forward: building capacity to combat impacts of aquatic invasive alien species associated trans-boundary pathogens in ASEAN countries Department of Fisheries Malaysia UPV CFOS Library (Miagao)
FIS-000093g SH 167 B48 2011 Better Science, better fish, better life : proceedings of the ninth international symposium on tilapia in aquaculture Liping, Liu and Fitzsimmons, Kevin, editors. UPV CFOS Library (Miagao)
FIS-000095g SH 344.8 S43 2005 Introduction of set-net fishing to develop the sustainable coastal fisheries management in Southeast Asia : case study in Thailand 2003-2005. Training Development SEAFDEC UPV CFOS Library (Miagao)
FIS-000096g SH 299 P35 2001 Sustainable Indian fisheries Pandian, T.J. UPV CFOS Library (Miagao)
FIS-000098g TP995 /.A2 W38 1992 Waste management in the coastal areas of the Asean Region : roles of governments, banking institutions, donor agencia, private sector and communities UPV CFOS Library (Miagao)
FIS-000099g SH 179 B76 1994 A guide to the common problems and diseases of cultured Penaeus vannamei Brock, James A. and Kevan L. Main UPV CFOS Library (Miagao)
FIS-000100g QH193 M28 1997 Malacca Straits environmental profile UPV CFOS Library (Miagao)
FIS-000101g G70.4 R44 2000 Remote sensing handbook for Tropical Coastal Management UPV CFOS Library (Miagao)
Fis-000102g SH 213 F66 2002 New approaches for the improvement of inland capture fishery statistics in the Mekong Basin: adhoc expert consultation Charoen Sri Grand Royal Hotel Udon Thani, Thailand 2 to 5 September 2002 Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Mekong River Commission UPV CFOS Library (Miagao)
Fis-000103f QL 634 P5 C66 2017 Commercial and bycatch market fishes of Panay Island, Republic of the Philippines UPV CFOS Library (Miagao)
Fis-000104f QL 634 P5 C66 2017 Commercial and bycatch market fishes of Panay Island, Republic of the Philippines UPV CFOS Library (Miagao)
FIS-000104g QK 495 O43 2011 Seagrasses: resource status and trends in Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam Ogawa, H., Japar, Sidik B., and Muta Harah Z. UPV CFOS Library (Miagao)
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