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ILO-000580 HF 5721 L375 2008 Business communication : making connections in a digital world Lesikar, Raymond V UPV Graduate Library (Iloilo City)
ILO-000581 HD 30.2 A67 2007 Corporate information strategy and management :text and cases Applegate, Lynda M UPV Library, Iloilo City
ILO-000582 HD 30.23 H378 2007 Harvard business review on making smarter decisions. UPV Graduate Library (Iloilo City)
ILO-000583 HF 5438.4 H37 2007 Harvard business review on strategic sales management. UPV Graduate Library (Iloilo City)
ILO-000584 S 561 K39 2008 Farm management Kay, Ronald D UPV Graduate Library (Iloilo City)
ILO-000585 HD 31 J664 2007 Introduction to business :how companies create value for people Jones, Gareth R UPV Library, Iloilo City
ILO-000586 HC 79 I55 D67 2008 Technology ventures : from idea to enterprise Dorf, Richard C UPV Library, Iloilo City
ILO-000610 HD 62.4 B37 2008 Transnational management :text, cases and readings in cross-border management Bartlett, Christopher A UPV Library, Iloilo City
ILO-000611 HD 30.28 T46 2006 Strategy : core concepts, analytical tools, readings Thompson, Arthur A UPV Graduate Library (Iloilo City)
ILO-000612 HD 30.28 W35 2007 Modern competitive strategy Walker, Gordon UPV Library, Iloilo City
ILO-000613 HD 31 H555 2008 Principles of management Hill, Charles W L UPV Library, Iloilo City
ILO-000614 HM 141 H78 2006 Leadership :enhancing the lessons of experience Hughes, Richard L UPV Graduate Library (Iloilo City)
ILO-001268g HN 716 P6 S63 Race for survival : hurdles on the road to meeting the MDGs in 2015 : Social Watch Philippines 2005 report Social Watch Philippines UPV Library, Iloilo City
ILO-000988g HB 171.5 H35 2005 Economics : principles and applications Hall, Robert E UPV Graduate Library (Iloilo City)
ILO-000990g PE 1417 C86 2006 The curious reader : exploring personal and academic inquiry UPV Graduate Library (Iloilo City)
ILO-000992g QA 37.2 H29 2007 Mathematical applications for the management, life, and social sciences Harshbarger, ronald J UPV Graduate Library (Iloilo City)
ILO-000994g GN 25 A58 2005 Anthropology : the human challenge UPV Graduate Library (Iloilo City)
IMFO-0001 QL 767 P67 1959 Animal camouflage Portmann, Adolf. IMFO Library (Miagao)
IMFO-0002 QL 362 R8 1968 A biology of lower invertebrates W. D. Hunter-Russel Hunter-Russel W. D. IMFO Library (Miagao)
IMFO-0003 QL 362 R8 1969 A biology of higher invertebrates W. D. Hunter-Russel. Hunter-Russel W. D. IMFO Library (Miagao)
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